Monday, July 27, 2009


Boy, this Twitter business really is all the rage. It's brief and breezy but also informative. My favourite Twit (someone who uses Twitter) is this guy:

He likes to tell it like it is, which is a very popular pastime these days with just about everyone.

I'm too lazy to go to the bother of signing up to a Twitter account so I think I'll give it a go here instead. OK, here goes...

-Woke up! Not asleep any more, GREAT!

-Grapefruit, a slice of toast and coffee, Mark and the gang on Ireland A.M. giving it socks. Class act.

-Barack and Michelle Obama are another class act. It's about time black America turned its back on the whole crotch grabbing, underpants hitched above the trousers thing.

-Can't find my left shoe??? Running late!

-The moaners are at it again on Duffy, moaning about hospital A and E closures. Hey, what about the sacrifices the private sector have made guys? Cop on!

-Bought bread. Batch loaf.

-Think the radiator in the front room needs to be bled. Better hop to it.

-Some people have a very romantic view of gypsies but not me, I think they're dangerous.

-I'm looking at my car. Just gazing really. She's a beauty.

-Lone backpackers beware, I will kill again.

-I have just consumed a human heart.

-I think Tubridy will do a great job on The Late Late. He's both personable and inquisitive.

-Note to self: remove body parts from bath. Smeeeeeeelllllllyyyyy! LMFAO!

...Wow, the hype is right, Twittering really is fun. I might do it again sometime, if I could be arsed.

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