Friday, July 24, 2009

"Time in House was a Nightmare" says Evictee Winston.

'My time in the Big Brother house was an absolute nightmare,' revealed evicted game show contestant Winston Smith. 'The tasks were the worst part, particularly the last one with the rats, I mean I f***ing hate rats,' he continued.

Winston, 39, also revealed that he resented the rationing of food, 'they didn't give you much and what they did give you was shite'. When asked if he would be meeting up with former housemate and love interest Julia, now that he was out of the house, Winston said that he was unsure, 'maybe we'll go for a drink in a quiet little cafe somewhere'. Winston was surprised to learn that the other housemates complained to Big Brother about his early morning coughing fits and his 'loner' qualities. 'I think O'Brien had it in for me the most, though I have to admit he's playing a good game' said Winston.

When asked to sum up his overall feelings about his time in the Big Brother house, Winston said it was like having 'a boot stamping on your face, ...forever.'

...see wot I done there?

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