Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was excited to learn that VHI Healthcare are joining forces with Dublin's celebrated Utopia Adult Store of Capel Street to launch a voucher scheme that allows you to 'spank yourself better'.

The Utopia Lifestage Choices Health Vouchers Scheme (working title) enables those who have signed up to the VHI's Forward Plan to exchange vouchers received upon purchase of certain goods in Utopia's Adult Store for increased Level 1 and Level 2 care (covering day-to-day expenses such as GP visits and complementary alternative therapies) as well as contributing toward the cover of a room in most private hospitals (excluding the Beacon Hospital, Blackrock Clinic and Mater Private Hospital). Rather than being redeemable coupons, the vouchers are intended to compliment the monthly Forward Plan charges of €113.13 to €300.00, which is fair enough really when you think about it.

One general practitioner said of the scheme, 'we quite often get red-faced gentlemen callers to the surgery with certain items from Utopia lodged in their persons. It'll be nice for them to know that the cost of these items will go some way toward getting them back out.'

At last, a group of people prepared to use some initiative instead of moaning and playing the blame game. Going forward!

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