Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tomorrow Belongs to Tubbs!

It's just chat and Tubbs knows that. It's just the expulsion of air, the tongue touching the roof of the mouth. It's frothy. Frothy chat. Oral goose feathers on a work day morning. But he can do the serious stuff. He doesn't like it. It's boring though isn't it? But he can do it.

Tubbs on the recession:

"We're down but we're not out. I've felt the blow myself. Tightened the belt. J'member ham sandwiches do ya? What happened to them at all? And the bus. Do people still get the bus? The bus was gas. It went all the way to the zoo I think. There was a monkey there. It ate Tayto and would throw its shite at you but you can't get Tayto anymore."

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DavidC said...

Pat Kenny's great on the radio