Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beautiful and Aloof Young Women.

Beautiful and aloof young women, ...elegant, ...composed, ...some distance away, know the type of thing. You see them now and again, floating around, being aloof. Maybe you see the same one on a regular basis. Maybe she's in a different department at work or takes different classes at your place of learning. Beautiful and aloof young women. Who are they? Where are they going? Why are they so mysterious?

Maybe one lives near you, exactly where you'll never know. Chances are you don't know her name either but if you do it's probably something incredible like Genevieve or Annaliese.

Perhaps, at the end of each day, all these beautiful and aloof young women report back to a warehouse where they are covered in protective sheets of tarpaulin and stored overnight. Then, the following morning, they reactivate and set out upon their daily patrol. Beautiful and aloof young women are always alone but if they do have men in their lives they are probably the types of blokes you see in aftershave commercials. Beautiful and aloof young women are never drunk. Beautiful and aloof young women probably enjoy playing tennis. Maybe you saw one in tennis gear once, placing a racquet into her hatchback.

Are they holograms? Does your hand go through them when you reach out to touch their hair as you sit behind them on the bus? How come you never see one on a picket line, or arguing with someone in traffic, or wiping dog crap off her shoe? Beautiful and aloof young women make proper women raise their eyes to heaven and groan. Beautiful and aloof young women, they have anything to say for themselves at all?

Ah yes, ...beautiful and aloof young women, composed, remote, puzzling, ...impenetrable. Hitchcock was a fan. The Girl from Ipanema was one. Beautiful and aloof young women, viewed through binoculars.

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