Sunday, February 24, 2013


(pictured: Johnny Razorlight overwhelming himself)

Do you remember Razorlight do you? They were great weren't they? Do you remember the singer? Johnny Razorlight I think he was called. Do you remember him? And the songs. Do you remember all the songs they had? They had about six or seven of them and they'd do them on telly. Do you remember the one about America? It was kind of ambiguous. It had ambiguity, which is a thing that makes it hard to tell what it means but you know it means something because Johnny Razorlight looks like he really means it. You weren't sure if he loved America or hated America or had even ever been to America but, y'know, America.

Do you remember how Johnny Razorlight took his shirt off? Not gay or anything but that was great when he took his shirt off. It meant he was ready to get down to business, like when you're putting up a shed in the garden or something. You'd be watching Razorlight and they'd be doing songs and you'd be thinking this is our generation's Dylan or Clash and the kids would raise their hands and girls would be crying and there'd be songs. Do you remember waving the college scarfs around and caring about things? Caring yeah, that was the feeling. That or something like it. It was moving anyway. Do you remember being moved? You'd get the tickets and all pile into the stadium and get the shit moved out of you.

Whatever happened to Razorlight though? They represented a whole era didn't they? The hippies had Jimi Hendrix and acid but we had Johnny Razorlight and apps. It was the beginning of something. I'm not sure what it was the beginning of but it was the beginning of something wasn't it? Something kind of real. It felt real. It felt like something realish. Razorlight represented our era. Them and Keane and other bands with songs. They all had songs and we listened to them and they were songs. They were our songs. They were certainly songs anyway. I'm certain of that. They'd always turn up in ads for Vodafone, capturing the Zeitgeist. I wonder what happened to Razorlight. They weren't around all that long were they? The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long type of thing. I wonder will they ever reform. Maybe they never split up or did they die? Maybe they are dead like Pete Doherty from Block Party. Who knows? But we have the memories right? I'll never forget the songs and them doing them and all that. It was great. Great days! I just want to say thanks to Snow Patrol, I mean Klaxons, I mean Razorlight, for the memories.

...or am I thinking about The Killers?

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