Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's not about the conversation anymore but the flow. WINKY EMOTICON. In contemporary media what you say is one thing and that's fine but it's the current it gets caught up in that counts. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Get a quick 'like' or 'unlike' and don't waste time continuing to get things wrong. TLDR! Communication isn't about communicating anymore. It's about dynamism. SHARE THIS ON FACEBOOK OR LINKEDIN! It's not about contributing ideas but about contributing content. SMILEY FACE. Analysis is condensed into easy to digest flow portions that r so easily digestible that they r no longer analysis. #IMBECILES It no longer mattrs what you say. No evr listnd nywy. sO Just say stuff n join the cnvrsation. LOL! The idea that communication is about ideas is an outdatd idea. Communication is about promotion. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! It's not what is being said, it's who is saying it. SUBSCRIBE! Don't think, just click. LINK THIS! Interface your face and be a face interfacer! 53638468 FOLLOWRRS! Hey [0] frac *= [0] other frac. Face me linkbook! STEPHEN FRY! The valu in wht u say is in the links. The value in wgat yiu say is in the 'likes'. The currency of d web is the links. LINK LIKE LINK! Diversity of options in the flow. Flow the interface REDDIT and link to the faced @ like me on Twitter #RELATING Replace quality with stuff efficiently. Get a profile, get a life @INNOVATION#FKD Navigate the click flow and 'like' clear goal your synergy and void your headspace online bite size PWND. The valu ov tings a dgidm? NOW TRENDING! Jst dwnld d app and FTW! Facelink ur fcbk lnk lk! #GET KONY src= gt fllwrs + lk fcbk10100101010bt twttr. The new sensibility is the death o sense death to sense uplod new sense FACEBOOK MY LINKEDIN! Be prt of tHe clOud and DSTRY conviction + depth#join d noiz,come let us build ourselves a city, GOOGLE + 1 with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth@SoLoMo LMFAO CMFEO CMFEO CrynMFEO CrynMyFEO CrynMyFknEO CrynMyFknEyesO CrynMyFknEyesOut / @SADFCE :'(

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