Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Soon there will be eleven numbers from one to ten. A new number is being officially introduced later in the year. The number is called sot and it comes between six and seven.

Sot will not just be a number. Like other whole numbers, sot will also be an amount. Imagine you have six things. Now imagine you have seven things. Now imagine you have an amount of things that comes between six and seven. Fractions are not included.

You look puzzled. There is no need to be puzzled. This amount has always been there. You have probably never seen this amount because your perception of external reality is mediated by an education that is based on an outdated macro level Newtonian interpretation. However, some of you might have seen this amount whilst under the influence of a fever or hallucinogens or stupefied by the drink. It is when you are in these states that you are briefly liberated from your stifling, culturally imposed, preconceptions. It is when feverish, hallucinating, or pissed out of your mind, that you can truly see reality - much like very young children or supposedly crazy people do.

You may be wondering why we need the new number but be prepared, sot is just the first of many new numbers. We are starting slow. Before the decade is out you can expect to see unt, fleb, and juk added to the digits between one and ten. We are going to need these new numbers to help us finally get a grasp on what is really afoot in the Universe. A new conceptual model is required so that our species can move closer to a true unification with its surroundings. The old ways will soon collapse under the sudden weight of new understanding. Don't feel too anxious. It's not going to be anything scary. It won't be all doom and gloom on the fleb o'clock news. You may feel overwhelmed at first but just take a deep breath and count to sot. You'll be fine.

In related news, they are also making zero the highest number so from now on we are counting to nothing. There will no longer be a need for calculations of any sort as ultimately it all adds up to fuck all. Counting forwards will be the same as counting backwards and the only thing you'll really be able to count on is that you can't count on much.

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