Saturday, February 2, 2013

a dIFficULt w0rK oF gEnIus

(pictured above: Joyce - pwnd)

drivvel dung, past Olive Oyl and Popeye’s, from hors d'oeuvres of bore to blend of biscuit brings us by a klunk klank commode ricTus recirculation back to Centra and breakfast Roll.

Sir TristramHandShandy, boiler hors d'oeuvres d’amores we all adore the fiat doors and cow jumped over the shotbled moon, had patty cake patty snake baker's Van unarranged and arraigned by Comptroller General on this side the Craggy Island of Umpa Lumpa to water-Tight welterweight his penis war: nor Tom Sawyer’s docks by the streeeeeeam knock-knee untangled bangle bumblesaur to ralph Lauren Giorgio Armani barmy army EXPLOITED barmy army EXPLOITED barmy army while they went doublin their muPpet with mumps all the Crime: nor avoice from Radox portion mortion abortion potion loTion major picture motioN not yet, though Bambi namby pamby after, had a skidmark butter on Brennan's old Iggy Pop: not yet, though all’s pear in vanessa Paradis, were Keyser SoZe suthers wroth with doctor retold. Got a feck of pa’s schmaltz unt shawl appall or Shawn Michaels HBK brewed by fart light and video and put on Youtube viral spiral and gory end to the schniggle schnaggle noggle was to be seen dingdongdangsome and ain't I handSome on the aquaman and Green Arrow.

The Fall E. Smith (babaPapaBegorraghZigaZig-HaLMNOpelicanChambourcyHippototsChambourcyHippototsBhamcourcyTippohotsRhambouccyPiphosnotsChUmbongoUmbongoTheyDrinkItInTheCongo— fuk!) of a dunce Occupy wallstrait oldspice mice play diCe with spurret and lark Rise to Candleford and Poldark on Mopeds early in bed and later on lie die down and frown through all christian black and white Lyons tea minstrelsy Packie bonner. The great Mark E. Smithwicks fall of the overalls untillytally at such snort ortice the paranormalschutehirsute of Finnegan, arse boiled flan, that the buMptyBennyhillhead of humself bumptios plumptious an unglun DobboOn the SiXone beef wellington to the georgewhere did itall go wrongBest in quest of his boozymissworldcontestanttitties: and their upthejunction is at the bill deskface out in the lark in the park where cureheads haVe been laid low by skins to fust and fangle upon the green since dev-linsfirst loved very very iffyy stiffy and then came in a jiffy and SeaQuest was shite and Seaquest was shite and it was no wonder it was cancelled because seaQuesT was shite.

...see, I told yous, anyone can write that crap.

(I threw in a few pop cultural references so geek types can enjoy it too. They enjoy any old fuck-wittery as long as it refers to something that made an impact on their telly cage brains.)

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