Sunday, July 1, 2012


To generate more revenue, the zoo have renamed the animals after sponsors. It's working out grand. I was there yesterday. I arrived in time to see the Avivas getting fed and I got a look at the new baby Coca Koala bear (very cute). The Fyffes are still their old selves, jumping about the place and screeching and picking nits out of each other. The Goldman Sachs are very fierce though. I hope they never escape their enclosure. They'd run riot and wreck the place.

My favourite has to be the Tayto, with its big ears and long trunk. Funny, I remember the Tayto the zoo used have in the eighties. Ironically, it died because people kept throwing it Taytos and its stomach went all banjaxed.

Anyway, the zoo is a great day out. Very educational for children too, teaching them all about animals and fiscal responsibility going forward.

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