Wednesday, July 25, 2012


‘Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises’

It's time for the Olympics again! And you will enjoy it! All this is for you! It’s all for you! And the mighty bell will sound and resound and men and women will run and jump and people will cheer and roar and there will be money, so much money, and security and checkpoints and scans and searches and no liquid containers exceeding 100mL and electric fences that go on for miles and miles and miles and high jumps and cycling and roids and copyright protection and traffic redirection and fwooosh, there goes a jet, and missile launchers and weight lifters and javelin throwers and boxers and gymnasts and snipers and Cameron and prepare them for the sacrificial alter and God bless her majesty and my child can't breath, my child can't breath, let me out of here, my child can't breath, and the flinging of the discus and the hovering of the drones and attack dog eyeballs twisting back and rolling frenzied in the head and blood red gums and huge yellow fangs and saliva spitballs and unattended baggage and the spirit of 1936 and checkpoints and CCTV and who's in charge here and is anyone in charge here and how the hell do we get out of here and it's all for you and it's all for you and it's all for you Damien!

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