Wednesday, July 4, 2012


What use is food for thought eh? I mean, you can't eat it. What use is food you can't eat? If someone gave you food for thought you'd get hungry and all you'd be thinking about is how hungry you are and you'd have no time to think about the food they gave you for thought. Food for thought my arse! How's that for food for thought?

And here's more food for thought for you, why does everyone say earthquakes are San Andrea's fault? What did San Andrea ever do? Unfair!

And a final bit of brain dinner for you, physicists keep talking about neutrinos but what about old-trinos, eh? What about them? Quantum physics is a bit ageist isn't it? Have a mind chew on that food for thought!

That is all!

. . .jeepers, I'm beginning to sound like The LOL Generator or, worse still, Jimmy Carr. This blog really is dying on its arse. It used to be good though. Do you remember the one about the blacks? That was a bit of a laugh. Some of The Mother stuff was good too wasn't it? And there used even be some kind of food for thought stuff but sure what use is that? Ah well, if it keeps up at this rate I can always get a job writing the opening gags on The Craig Doyle Show.


Hilary Lawler - Life Coach said...

There are people that watch that show? How did Craig Doyle get his own chat show? for thought...and carrots?...more food for thought.
Fugger thoughts are needed in the world so keep writing, even if you think no one is watching. There is ALWAYS someone watching (some guy behind you has been filming u for 3 days straight, youtube has it..might be useful for remembering stuff).

Fugger said...

Thanks for the life coaching Hilary but I'm sending a strong letter of complaint to myself and if I have time I might even read it. I'll probably be busy leaving a blog post though.

Craig Doyle got his own show because he is a very nice young man but not adverse to a bit of risque craic and it has been decided in the leafier parts of eastern Ireland that middle Ireland like that sort of thing. I'm sending in the CV on Monday.