Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bouncy Oireachtas Report

I was watching Oireachtas Report the other day and was surprised to see that they’ve replaced the Dail chamber with a bouncy castle. Cut backs I suppose. All the TDs had to take off their shoes before they got inside.

Higgins and Ming were mad into it, doing flips and all that while the Ceann Comhairle attempted to bring them to order and stay on his feet at the same time.

The Sinn Fein crowd were playing a bit rough I thought. There was some shoving and Joan Burton started crying when they surrounded her and pushed her about. ‘Those bully boy tactics won’t work down here in our bouncy castles’, I said aloud to the screen.

And you should have seen Varadker. He must have eaten too much candy floss or something because he was bouncing around like a mad yoke for a while but then got sick everywhere and had to be taken home by his mammy. Adams called him a poof.

It makes for strange viewing but you get used to it after a while and it’s business as usual really.

Now, click the link below to be exposed to a never to be repeated failed multi-media experimental extravaganza:

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