Sunday, January 23, 2011

Office Humour Viral Fun!

I was told if this blog was more ‘normal’ people might look at it and then I’d get awards (which is what it’s all about). Help make Fugger viral! Here is Internet office humour fun. Email to pals and write ‘LOL’ after in case they are too stupid to know it is a joke (and put a laughing emoticon smiley face thing after too just in case they are fuckin paralysed in the brain) LOL!:



‘Are you the girl I followed home last night?’

‘I may not be much to look at but I can fart louder than most guys.’

‘I’m emotionally distant and given to sudden outbursts of rage. How about you try and change me.’

‘I don’t like your dress. Take it off.’

‘If I ask you out for a coffee do you promise not to emotionally dismember me and reduce to me a shadow of my former self like that last Nazi bitch?’

‘You have my father’s chin.’


‘I don’t normally go for men like you but you seem to have money.’

‘I set fire to my last boyfriend’s house but I just want to set fire to your heart.’

‘The problem with most guys is they resent being controlled but you seem passive and malleable. How about it?’

‘You remind me of my son now take off your pants.’

‘When I look at you I think of sex because your nose resembles a cock.’

Produce a dead cat from your bag and say: ‘Wanna stroke my pussy?’

OMG soooo LOL! Normal and LOL! That should get Fugger on the office humour viral map. In case it doesn’t though, here’s a funny clip involving a cat:


Puredaft said...


Fugger said...


Papa Hotel said...

Ooohhh the little kitty is sooo cuuute. LOL ROFL BFF TITS.

Just wanted to say thanks for the good times - really enjoyed the latest dose of terror from Windell Comics. I LOL'd a lot.


OMG The cat and dog video saved your ass at the end of that posting! LMAO!! : ) ; ) '#)(last one is a smiling one eyed bandit with tash after he has robbed you)...LOL!!!

Fugger said...

Ah, hello Mr. Hotel. Windell serve to please in the LOL department. I did not realise you were a sasquatch. I really like Dublin's growing sasquatch commuinity. Just don't leave any pies cooling on the windowsill or you'll be away with them eh? LOL ROFL LVF!