Sunday, January 16, 2011


I get it now. I suddenly see it. Falling isn’t the problem. It’s landing that’s the problem. When someone is falling, the trick is to make sure they never land, never hit the bottom. To prevent the faller hitting the bottom what you must do is make sure there is no bottom to hit. You do this by digging a deep hole on the location you expect the faller to land and you keep digging, faster than the person is falling, always staying ahead of the game so they never land SPLAT on the ground but instead continue to plummet into the hole, down . . .and down . . .and down.

The faller will of course complain about their never ending tumble through the dark abyss toward parts unknown but what alternative is there? Sure, some might consider that the faller could be caught in a net of some kind but this would probably result in an injury, a dislocated shoulder or something, so it’s best to keep the fall going and not have to worry about such outcomes.

In fact, it could be argued that the fall, if prolonged for long enough, could become the norm, a new status quo. The faller might become accustomed to the sensation and learn to live with it, perhaps even enjoying certain aspects of it. Instead of complaining about their predicament, the faller might just start to get on with life.

That’s not all. Imagine you are the faller, forever hurtling through the subterranean gloom. Imagine where you might end up. Imagine where the hole (that has been thoughtfully provided for you with great effort by the diggers) might take you. You could very well end up falling out the other side of the Earth, into a kind of Australia, where you will once again be the right way around and climbing out of the hole you originally fell into. Taking a look around, you will see a far better environment than the one you left behind and laugh when you remember how worried you were when you started falling. You might even be actually glad that you were pushed in the first place

So, do you get it now? Do you see it? They want to see us falling into a better place and that is why they pushed us. For the moment though, they must keep digging a deeper and deeper hole. The least we can do in return is quit the carping and get on with the plummeting. This is the approach they have taken to our nation’s current descent and this is the approach that will work. Going Downward!

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