Thursday, April 3, 2014


I'll never forget our Sunday adventure. Gazing at each another over macchiatos. Froth on your nose. 'Hey, let's do something.' Gliding through a lens flared afternoon on our fixies. Bon Iver on the soundtrack. 'Yeah, I feel that exact same way too.' The incline of your flannel hat. #CuteOverbite. Meeting Gustav and Francesca at the organic food market. He's getting back into puppeteering and she found this awesome Il Duce tee. We compare apps. We get toffee apples. You tell me about when you lived in Budapest and I tell you about my year in Brooklyn. 'I've been thinking about reading about physics.' We grab a taco and go see the new Spike Jonze. An Instagram sunset. A bench on the bank of the canal.
'I'm not sure I'm looking for something serious right now.'

'Me too, I'm like kind of like really busy and stuff.'
So it's an unremarkable goodbye that I'll write a remarkable song about and I'll perform it at Kabbáge and you say that you'll be there but I know that you won't and neither will I but I'll think about today all day tomorrow while I'm processing gypsies at the death camp.


Philip Barrett said...

Are you going to Kabbáge early or late this week because I sort of want to do my spoken word thing before you do your remarkable song?

Fugger said...

I'm not sure I can make it actually because I've kind of got this thing I need to like do and stuff. #entropic