Sunday, April 27, 2014


In no particular order…

It Must Not Live! It Cannot Die!
From Cygnus to Ceefax
A Quarter to Huh?
Return to Xalberemus
Xalberemus Victorius
Xalberemus Once More
Xalberemus Or Bust
Herbie Goes to Xalberemus
Xalberemus Destroyed
Xalberemus No More
Xalberemus Reborn
Go Fuck Yourself Xalberemus
When Telex Revolts!
Super Bomb in my Mouth!!!
Tyrolean Grey
The Desert Moons of L. Casei Immunitas
The Fartegium Conundrum
Star Farm – Livestock Us!!!
The Beast That Shouted Pardon At The Rear Of The World
The Chronicles of Arseworld
Clongriffin Heights
The Ska Planet
Last Rocket to Skasville
Come See, Come Ska!
Karganorak - Ravisher of Maidens!
Queen with a Thousand Tits
That Robot Has Tits!
Titbot 9000
An Omnibus of the Unthinkable
Unreadable Tales
Unspeakably Shite
I Have No Nose Yet I Must Smell!
I Have No Book Yet I Must Read!
I Cannot Write Yet I Must Sell!
Aldous Huxley's Flimpy the Robot Goose.

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