Sunday, April 13, 2014


We drove past the big shut down factory in the forest and my brother started talking. I couldn't hear him over the sound of the engine and with the wind coming through the broken window. As well as all that, I'm a bit deaf. I spend a lot of time faking that I know what's going on. My brother is one of the few people who knows this but he rarely takes it into consideration. I know that if I ask him to speak up I still won't be able to make out what he's saying. I also know that if I tell him I can't hear him he'll just keep talking anyway. So I just leave him keep talking. He seems to be enjoying it. He seems quite into whatever it is he's pretending I can hear. The only thing I think I hear him say is something about a billion euro. I decide that I'll ask him what he was talking about later, when it's quieter. When we've stopped for something to eat.

So, we stop for something to eat and it's quieter and I ask my brother what he was talking about.
'As we drove by the factory.'
'What factory?'
'The factory in the forest. The shut down place.'
My brother looks puzzled and shrugs.
'You said something about a billion euro.'
'I did?'
He still looks puzzled. He shrugs again. He says he can't remember.
'Well, you seemed pretty worked up about whatever it was.'
'Well sure, who wouldn't be?'
'How do you mean who wouldn't be? You don't even remember what you were talking about.'
'Well, you said I was talking about a billion euro, who wouldn't get worked up over that?'
I nod my head. 'I suppose', I say.
We finish eating in silence and then get back in the car. Once the engine is on and the wind is white noising through the broken window, my brother starts talking again. I watch him as he emotes. He's doing a lot of emoting. He's getting whatever it is off his chest. I can't hear a word he's saying but, you know, I'm glad I can be there for him.

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