Saturday, April 13, 2013


Fugger (a.k.a me, a.k.a. the people's blogger) is writing a movie at the moment. It's called We Were Dead All Along and I think it's pretty original myself. It's about this family that go on a caravanning trip and they stop off at this weird foggy lake and they find a burnt out caravan there and it looks a bit like theirs. 'It looks a bit like ours', says the daughter (who is about eighteen and wears cut off jean shorts all the time and is quite hot). Then the family keep complaining of the cold and have a few rows and things for around seventy minutes. Then the family see other people walking around the lake and fishing and all that and they try talking to the other people but the other people just ignore them as if they aren't even there. Then, after all that stuff happens, this hooded man shows up in a row boat and beckons the family to get into the boat, like a River Styx type ferryman right? Right? Get it? Right? And the family get into the boat and they sail off across the lake shouting: 'We Were Dead All Along, We Were Dead All Along', because they were dead all along and the the name of the film is We Were Dead All Along and the audience will go: 'wow, they were dead all along' and then the audience will leave the cinema and stand outside it only to discover that the building they just watched the film in burned to the ground in 1974 and they were in it and they were dead all along and then they too will say 'We Were Dead All Along!'

I think making the audience realise that they were dead all along could be the new 3D. I think that's pretty original stuff myself and people won't have to pay extra for special glasses.

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