Saturday, April 20, 2013


Hey guys, I've been on Twitter for almost a month now. It's really good fun. Why don't you come and join the party? Everyone is on there being nearly funny like Jimmy Carr or almost intelligent like Warren Ellis. It's quick and it's brief and it allows you speak without saying anything, which is all the rage these days. It's just stuff really. Like, a kind of thing you do like.

Once, when I was a small boy, I climbed into a huge metal silo on a farm. It was completely empty and there was nothing in it but myself. Being a young fella, I took the opportunity to shout the word 'boobatits' really loud. The word echoed around the interior of the silo until the sound faded out leaving only this faint, emptyish, metallic ringing. Then I started laughing really hard and then the sound of my laughter ricocheted all over the place and kind of freaked me out so I fled in tears. Anyway, Twitter's a bit like that only Jimmy Carr and Warren Ellis are in the silo too and now Fugger, a.k.a. me, a.k.a. the people's blogger, is there as well.
So... FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! TWITTER MY HASHTAG! FÜTTER MEIN EGO! FÜTTER MEIN EGO! FÜTTER MEIN EGO! FÜTTER MEIN EGO! ...that's a link to my Twitter account by the way and here's a bit of an old tune...

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