Wednesday, April 10, 2013


(She'll be greeted at the Rearden metal gates by Airey, Augusto, Milton, and Ayn.)

She may have left her physical body but her gaseous essence still permeates this world as an omnipresent ideal, a rancid idea, the awful and only way of doing things (T.I.N.A. - There Is No Alternative). She is not dead and those celebrating the decommissioning of her corporeal form still live with the consequences of her spirit. To be honest, most of you dancing on her grave are probably possessed by her. You espouse her values, talking of the cure-all of complete privatisation and complaining about welfare scroungers. It's like being glad the Devil is dead while possessed by that very same Devil.

The Baroness' dark spell has you all enchanted. You can rejoice in the expiration of the source of that spell but that doesn't mean you are lifting the spell. Thatcher placed a black curse on all your heads and then she died peacefully in her sleep. Put simply, in terms we can all understand these days: Maggie Thatcher - Epic Win!

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