Friday, March 15, 2013


(pictured – our simple man in simpler times ...with a simple general)

I hear that he is a man of little want, just a few simple necessities, an exemplar of simplicity. A simple man who sleeps in a simple bed and cooks at a humble stove. A humble man, an advocate of humility. Not one for largesses or adornment or any of that, he is just a simple man with a simple cross around his his simple neck. I heard a story, an anecdote, that stood to his unostentatious nature. He once wanted a cup of tea but instead of asking some woman to make it he took to his feet, crossed the room to where the kettle was, and made it himself. Yes, he made his own tea. He made his own tea that day and drank it from a modest clay cup. He imbibed the tea, silently enjoying the beverage, and when he was finished he took to his feet once more and crossed the room. Observers did not know where he was going but it was toward the sink that he was headed. He reached the sink and placed the cup into it and ran the tap, rinsing the cup beneath the flowing water. He then placed the cup on a draining board that lay to one side of the sink and he left it there to dry. He did all these things and he did them himself. It was not some woman or drudge that did these things for him.

He travels on public transport too I hear. No chauffeur or the like for him, no, just change for the bus or a tram or some such. Unlike the man whose name he took, he indulges the modest comfort of wearing shoes upon his feet but I hear that he puts these shoes on himself and also removes them. Yes, he does all this himself. He does not get some woman or skivvy to do it. He puts on and takes off his own shoes. Who amongst us can say that? Who amongst us can claim to not just put on but also remove our own shoes? Not I. The Mother does that for me as I am sure your mother does for you, or your wife, or some woman.

I heard too of a time he encountered a child. He encountered a child upon a back road in Buenos Aires and he did not fondle that child. I heard there was no one about, at least not many, and despite this the child remained completely unmolested. Who amongst us, in all truthfulness, could say they would have passed up such an opportunity? A vulnerable child, alone, a tender seductive peach. Can we claim that we too would not have taken 'a bite'?

Indeed the Holy Ghost chose wisely on the 13th of the 3rd 2013. The Holy Ghost chose wisely via the conscientious consciousnesses of that conclave of noble men as they selected the conduit by which the divine will be known upon this material plane. This conclave of men acted on behalf of the Holy Spirit. They took this duty upon themselves. They did not ask some woman to do it. Indeed, there were no women present. Women are not even permitted into the chamber as the choice is made. Just men, men who selflessly surrender themselves to God's will. These men selected the right man and now that man shall lead us all. He shall lead us all and he alone shall lead us. He will not ask some woman to do it. Indeed, no woman will ever do it, they are not allowed, but they can follow, and wait, and serve. Yes, if they be asked, women can serve but they will not be asked by him for he is a simple man who does things himself. He will make his own tea and put on his own shoes and he will lead his flock further into the 21st century. He will do this and he will do this himself, unaided by some woman or drudge or skivvy, for he is a simple man. Yes, he is a simple man of simple means and simple belief and he will simply lead his simpletons and they will simply follow, even the women and the tender seductive peaches that are the children.

And what of those who simply will not follow his simple path? Well, it is worth remembering that this is a simple man who helped a simple dictator make people simply disappear. But shush, for this is a happy time and we simply will not hear speak of such simple things.


davidos-thelastingfragrance said...

LMAO, but angry

davidos-thelastingfragrance said...

LMAO, didn't know that about his holiness

Fugger said...

Ah, turns out our simple man may simply be guilty of maintaining a simple silence. He doesn't exactly sound like he was an Oscar Romero type and has actually apologised for as much himself. Omission rather than commission as they say.

One of the priests who was tortured says he no longer holds a grudge. The other priest has since died but his sister said Bergoglio's appointment as pope was slap in the face. She still implicates Bergoglio for complicity, as did her late brother.

I don't think that's the simple man in the photo though to be honest but honesty seems to be passé these days so I'll leave the picture up - even at the risk of tarnishing the heretofore blemish free reputation of these simple church men. His Holiness is having a nice wee honeymoon with the kept press anyway and I did give him kudos for making his own tea so that should make up for it. According to Argentinian press, former torture camp staff were celebrating his becoming pope too. That should warm the simple cockles of his simple heart.

brendanoconnell said...

Praise God the cardinals have chosen a SIMPLE man a GOD fearing man, you say no woman in the room but the blessed virgin Mary was always in that room, always in the heart of the cardinals as they made this hard vote to make a new pope. And inthe Bible, Martha had to make the supper for Christ and Christ said she did a lovely job so he showed that HE loves the women, just because he thinks that there job is differnet from a man and that's how it should be. But God knows what He is doing and Pope Francis has a kind face so trust in God and don't mock HIs ways. God bless you and I pray for you.

Fugger said...

You are nothing but right and there is no wrong there.

May God be to either side of you Brendan O'Connell. May He be above you and below you also. May God be at your front and behind you and guard you as you follow the example of his kind faced holiness and make your own tea and leave the women to the preparation of the supper and other culinary matters.