Saturday, November 10, 2012


And here are the names and faces...

Metal Mickey (named after his evil member)
Dusty Bin (claims accusations are rubbish)

 Wilfred Brambell (you dirty old man)
Captain Birdseye (don't eat his fish stick)
Milky Bar kid (disguised self as child)
Admiral Horatio Nelson (Hardy was a minor)
Saudi Arabia (marry girls at 8 - behead them at any age)
  The constellation of Reticulum (watching your kids from above)
The 70s (they even dressed like nonces) 
HAARP (weather molester)
Kids themselves (not even the children will think of the children)
Badminton (no surprises there)

They say it's a witch hunt but in a witch hunt you hunt witches so that's a silly thing to say. This is a nonce hunt and Fugger is giving a big cash prize, that's right readers, a BIG CASH PRIZE, to whoever can destroy the most reputations/lives. Let's get these probable child worriers before their appetites grow out of all control and they move on to us adults!!!!

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