Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Casino Royale Pain in the Ass

It all got a bit complicated that time I opened a casino. Gamblers came and lost all their money. They lost their money and never came back and the casino looked like it was going to close down. So, here’s what I did, I gave the gamblers the money they lost back. Now, after I gave the gamblers all their money back it looked like the casino was still going to close down because I didn’t have any money left to pay the staff their wages. So, what did I do? I borrowed the money I needed to pay the staff from the gamblers, the same money I gave back to the gamblers in the first place. LOL! But guess what? The gamblers charged a huge rate of interest, not as much interest as the local loan shark would have charged but a pretty colossal rate of interest all the same. So, what did I do then? I reduced the staff’s wages. It was a drastic reduction, it had to be. It was barely a wage at all at the end of the day but it was still a wage. Most of the staff understood, they wanted to keep their jobs. Some of them were moaning though. They said the interest was too high and we’d never make a decent profit again. They said I could’ve just cut their wages to keep the casino running. They said if I did that I never would have needed to give back the money the gamblers lost in the first place. But I told them if I did that the gamblers could never have come back and we’d be back where we started. I drew a diagram on a white board and everything, to make my point clear. And here’s the funny part, all the arrows and graphs I put on the board kind of made a picture. When you stood back from the board a bit you could see it clearly. It was a picture of Sisyphus, he was pushing a rock up a mountain and the mountain was in Hell.

Going Forward, and backward, and forward, and backward, and forward, and backward, and. . .

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