Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have decided to use this blog to chart my cancer experience. I hope this will provide some succour to others when I am gone. Cancer diaries are always a good read and very moving so I hope this lives up to expectations. I read the diary kept by Nigella Lawson's late husband and that was deadly. Okay, here goes, first entry. . .


I still don't have cancer. Life is kind of trouble free and I'm feeling a bit redundant in the trauma department. Good health is so superficial. I am just dawdling about enjoying things. I eat a sandwich. I watch Doctor Who. I think about leaving a blog post slagging off Aonghus McAnally but decide he's grand and I really couldn't be arsed. Bit bored. Please God, send cancer soon.


Right, well, that's the first entry taken care of. I must admit, I'm a bit shook up after putting my feelings down like that. I'm going to persevere with this though. I'm going to keep making entries into my cancer diary. Unless I forget to, in which case I won't and might just do the Aonghus McAnally thing instead.


John Robbins said...

Ah, a new sub-sub-genre in-the-making: the cancerous cancer diary. Kudos!

Fugger said...

Thanks. Someone should do a gout diary. I think that would be very moving in a touching sort of way.