Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Grainne's a great one for the telly presenting. Works hard at it. Practises when she's at home. She sometimes remembers the roller-skates her parents gave her when she was eleven. She never got the hang of them but she's good at the telly presenting. She ate a load of Tuc crackers in bed last night. Couldn't sleep with all the crumbs. She's a divil for the Tuc. She can move objects just by staring at them. Ashtrays, cups, that kind of thing. She hasn't told anyone though.


Mindpuss said...

I saw her once in real life. She scooted past me in an aisle in Avoca Handweavers, and her bottom grazed mine. True story.

Fugger said...

She's always scooting past people. She loves to scoot that one. The bottom grazing is purposeful.