Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh yeah, ...comics.

Out of date satire. Click. Enlarge. And sock it to the man daddio.


John Robbins said...

Perpetual war for perpetual peace is a great way of whittlin' down, but also effective is the subtle approach of indifference, which allows, say, the Democratic Republic of the Congo do the whittlin' down for us! Yes, if it's at all possible to get the Differenters to engage in self-whittlin', that's definitely the way to go, going forward.

Anonymous said...

You got something there John. We could also sell em the blades to do their whittlin' with and make a tidy profit too, while we sit in the U.N. weeping about all the tragic whittlin' that's going on. Gosh darn tootin makes sense. Them Frenchies and Rooskies even made a fortune out of differenter v differenter Iran Iraq war going forward.