Friday, December 18, 2009

The Future of Comics

I'm really sick of the way superheroes and the excessive use of the imagination debase the medium of sequential arts. So, you can imagine how pleased I was to pick up a copy of the ground breaking indie publication Tales from My Man-Bag. An example of its refreshing down to earthness can be found above. Click to enlarge and empathise.


John Robbins said...

The imagination is over-rated - gimme a story about Lost gLoves anytime!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we should be able relate to comics. They should be more day to day. Although I do remember a good issue of Teen Titans a while ago where Starfire was faced with the problem of a sagging gutter on the Titan Tower. She discovered that it was a simple matter of making sure that the screws, which held the brackets that supported the gutter, hadn't come loose. They had and so needed to be screwed in tight to prevent water gathering in the dip in the channel or being pushed out where the gutters buck at the join.

She also took a break to smoke a major and was listening to Liveline as she worked. Real life stuff. Well before Watchmen too. More of that please!

Starfire was depicted at many becoming angles as she saw to this every day hindrance, which was a bonus.

John Robbins said...

Oh yes! That Teen Titans issue is now top of my 'wants' list. I loves my comics stories when the extraordinary gets ordinary, or when the ordinary gets extraordinary, or when the ordinary is ordinary, or when the extraordinary is ordinary, extraordinarily. And with tits!