Wednesday, January 29, 2014



Homophobiaphobia is the hatred of, or when people discriminate against, people who hate or discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people (LGBT). People who hate and discriminate against LGBT people are called homophobes or ‘IONA’ and people who hate and discriminate against IONA homophobes are called homophobicphobes and are practicing homophobiaphobia. 

Homophobiaphobic bullying can take many forms, anti-gay-anti-gay graffiti, spreading rumours that someone is anti-gay, being abusive towards someone who is IONA, or mentioning what IONA people believe on the telly. 

Sometimes homophobicphobic people use words like ‘bigot’ and ‘backward’ and ‘fundamentalist’ in a casual manner to describe members of the IONA community. This homophobicphobic language sends negative messages and could make people who are IONA feel as if they don’t belong or that there is something wrong with being anti-gay.

The victim of homophobicphobic bullying can feel lonely and isolated and can often be found drinking tea for one in the Kylemore Café, silently mourning the loss of Archbishop John Charles McQuaid’s Ireland. Because of homophobiaphobia, IONA people might be afraid to talk to anyone about their anti-homosexual identity. They may feel pressure to accept homosexual relationships in the hopes that the bullying will stop and others will accept them.

Homophobiaphobia is just as serious as any other type of bullying. Everyone has the right to be treated equally and with respect even if they feel that not everyone has the right to be treated equally and with respect.
If your friends have been bullying someone who is IONA you should call them up on it. Point out that what they are doing is wrong. Explain to them that terms like ‘narrow-minded bigoted prick artist’ are offensive. It is also important to let teachers, supervisors and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland know about the bullying. 

Breaking the silence is the key to stopping it!
Don’t discriminate against those who discriminate!


Draculasaurus said...

Oh this one's still up?
How about a new one?
You know what was a good one, was the one where you were like; what are animals good for? Making noises and doing shits.
That was good 'cause doing shits sounds like they're stunts or they're daring each other to do them for kicks.
How about one where Christians are worried about eating gay animals, and they set up some kind of organization that verifies that only straight animals get eaten.
Then the animals start going gay to avoid getting eaten.

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'blurt out an idea in a few poorly constructed sentences'

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