Tuesday, January 7, 2014

FOXES (the film of the Fugger Post) ONLINE!!!!

What they said about Foxes:
'Yiff!' - anonymous member of the furry fetish community.
'Hon nidge' – Mollie.
'Oh boy, i just love foxes' - mag237
'The script seems to be amazing whomever wrote it', Stephen (unbiased) Shanley.

Winner of twelve Arc de Triomphes, a Yogi Bear, a Mal de Mer, an ice cream and jelly and a kick in the belly, a doll and a drum and a kick in the bum, as promised and without further ado it's the film of the blogpost: FOXES!!!!


Draculasaurus said...

Well, that's the best film I've seen in a while.
Oh yeah, trying to fly under the wire of the Bechdel test?
That totally doesn't count because Ellen isn't really listening when her sister is talking to her.
You can't have it both ways!

Fugger said...

Glad you liked the film Draculasaurus.

I'm a bit worried I might fail the Bechdel Test with my next script 'Guy Talk'. It's a Kaley Cuoco vehicle. If you have any fondness for the actress now you certainly won't once this atrocity hits the screens. It will however be a modest hit and hopefully provide a springboard from which Ms. Cuoco can launch a big screen career. A career that will consist of a litany of frivolous fare before culminating in a bid to be taken seriously with Ms. Cuoco sawing off Shia LaBeouf's dick in a movie by Von Trier penned by me called AntiClowes.

Draculasaurus said...

I already dislike everyone associated with The Big Bang Theory. (The sitcom, not the cosmological paradigm)