Friday, December 27, 2013


The edition of Old Fugger’s Almanac for 2014 has been released. Here’s what it says is in store for the year ahead. How many of these predictions will actually come to pass? Remember, I got everything right enough…ish last year kind of. So, here are the Old Fugger’s Almanac predictions for 2014…
1. There’ll probably be another fucking earthquake.
2. The first ever world leader to be made with a 3D Printer will prove popular with the world's first ever 3D Printer made voters.
3. People will complain about ‘ghostfood’ and culinary psychics will be called upon to exorcise haunted plates.
4. During a controversial appearance at the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, Miley Cyrus will perform cunnilingus on herself.
5. The mystery of who the fuck actually buys Hot Press magazine will remain unsolved.
6. Saoirse Ronan will undergo gender reassignment and change her name to Ronan Saoirse.
7. Prediction 8 will be this prediction.
8. This prediction is prediction 7. (See, I told you. That’s one I’ve got right already)
9. Expect a mind-blowing introduction to 3D entertainment without glasses called Real Life.
11. Mass attendance quadruples when the Catholic Church replaces transubstantiation with a raffle.  Winning tickets will be drawn from the tabernacle and whoever wins will get all the cash that was collected in the baskets.
12. Amy Huberman will cut the ribbon at the launch of a new property bubble.
13. A fatal virus will exclusively target right wing internet posters with Family Guy avatars. The death is protracted and agonising and there is no cure. I repeat, THERE IS NO CURE!
14. RTE will set out in a brave new direction and commission more lifestyle programmes. (You can absolutely count on this one coming to pass.)
15. Clouds are given the vote but people fear tropospheric mists of condensed vapour mightn’t be all that bothered about participating in the democratic process. The €7.5 million spent on airship polling stations is considered by many to be a waste but the party contributor whose company won the profitable bid to make the airships expresses delight.
16. The FIFA World Cup final in Brazil will be ruined when the ball is kicked right out of the stadium into a nearby garden and a grouchy neighbour refuses to give it back.
17. Economics correspondent Sean Whelan will have a breakdown on the Six-One News tearfully admitting that he knows ‘fuck all about fucking fuck all’. He will be replaced by Jim Power.
18. During the summer, you’ll be drinking a can of fizzy orange and a bee will fly over and start hassling you. It won’t piss off and you’ll be forced to leave the can on a wall and forget about it.
19. Later in the summer of 2014, you will leave the sliding glass doors that lead to your garden open as well as the door to your fridge and a badger will sneak into your kitchen and get inside the fridge and then you’ll come into the room and see the fridge door open and close it and later that night your daughter will get up for a midnight snack and go into the kitchen and not bother turning on the light and open the fridge and loudly scream when a frosty badger leaps out at her and runs for the sliding glass doors and smashes against them because you closed them too and then, concussed and angry, the badger will skid around the linoleum making a really weird high-pitched sound and your daughter will never recover from the trauma and never fully trust you again. Remember, this is just a prediction and it is still within your power to ensure the events described in the preceding long sentence do not come to pass.
20. Bloggers will continue to blog, Facebookers will continue to facebook, Tweeters will continue to tweet and journalists will continue to do whatever the fuck it is they think they are doing and all of this content will continue to rise like steam and merge with the psychic ether forming a kind of layer of trivia over everyone’s heads that blocks out the sun and prevents us all from seeing anything worthwhile, going forward. LOL!
And that’s the end of today’s trivial little listy distraction. Happy New …yeeaaauuuugh


Draculasaurus said...

This is too confusing.
I can't comment on this.
I'll just do a typical comment, shall I?
Have you ever met or seen Bono from the band U2?

Fugger said...

I thought it was the most straight forward post in ages. Maybe the Irish references are confusing you. I really should leave them out as only two or three Irish people actually visit fugtheworld on purpose with any frequency.

So, you ask about an Irish person you know of, Bono. I have never met him. I have seen him though. I saw on stage when I was a mere stripling. He reminded me of a television evangelist. I couldn't figure out how he had an American accent considering he had probably spent less time in the place than I had at the time.

You are from Texas, tell me, have you ever met J.R. Ewing or Stone Cold Steve Austin? Have you ever met The Butthole Surfers or stood on a rattlesnake?

Draculasaurus said...

I've stepped on a rattle snake.
One of the Butthole Surfers' moms worked at my high school.
I've never met Steve Austin or J. R. Ewing but I grew up close to the house they used for the exterior shots of the main ranch house on Dallas.
Anyway, I though everyone live along the East coast of Ireland, and the rest was mostly farmland. I'd bet there a pretty good chance you live within about 20 miles of old Bono.
You just don't want to admit it!
I bet that the guy who thatches your roof lives next door to him, or something.
-a lot fewer degrees than Kevin Bacon!

Fugger said...

I do live that close to him (as does the whole of Dublin) and I used live even closer. He lives near Enya in these huge houses by the sea.

Don't be saying that about everyone living on the East Coast and the rest being farmland should you ever get washed up here. I mean it's true but people can get pretty tetchy about it.

Was the Butthole Surfer mom Gibby's mom? If it was she was married to this man...

Used you watch that show when you weren't out shooting varmints?

Draculasaurus said...

I totally grew up watching Mr. Peppermint!
Wow I can't believe you know about him!
I actually did meet him once.

Fugger said...

I met him once too. It was late. The light bulb flickered and there was an electrical crackle. I looked around and there he was. He peered into my face. He said something that seemed like the most important thing in the Universe but then he vanished and I couldn't remember what he told me.

I'm pretty sure he cupped my balls at one stage.