Sunday, December 15, 2013



Press play on the top video. Then quickly scroll down to the second video and press play on that. Then quickly scroll back up and watch the top video as both play. Then listen as the cosmos speaks the truth behind the words.

Good laugh isn't it?


Draculasaurus said...

Wow really creepy when the flags start moving around about five minutes in!
I kept expecting something to leap out.

Fugger said...

I checked that out. You're right. There was something there. Something making sure he says the right thing no doubt. Something that he is very very scared of. Perhaps a horribly withered version of himself from the future enacting some incomprehensible but doubtlessly terrible game plan.

Either that or a bit of a breeze. THE BREEZE OF DEATH!

Deirdre de Barra said...

We need funky sunglasses!!!
Couldn't help but think John Carpenter was onto something with 'Them'... it's're not safe, even in the basement!

Fugger said...

We just need to be aware. There are always signs, warnings. Sounds and signals. Strangely cosmic congruence. A very particular arrangement of biscuits on a serving plate at a party political function that indicates the presence of the arcane. Is that a locket of wolf's bane around James Rielly's neck? The minister for health farts and we smell sulfur.

I was watching CNN last week. Hilary Clinton caught a passing fly with her tongue and swallowed it. The person interviewing her just ignored it. Must we?