Saturday, August 11, 2012


Remember when we dispersed our molecules and spread out into the cosmos becoming everything at once and being everything at once? Do you remember that? It was a Wednesday. Our beings fled out to every corner of the Universe - if the Universe had corners which, of course, it doesn’t. We were everything and we were everywhere. We were the tiniest particles and the largest suns. We were matter and antimatter. We were even each other. We felt the great continents stretch and groan as if they were parts of our own bodies. We felt the mighty rolling waves of the sea as if they were the wind moving through our hair. We saw everything from everything’s point of view and we saw everything looking back at us. A drowsy schoolboy exhaled on a bus window and watched the condensation stain and spread upon the glass like nebulae bursting and expanding in deep space. The condensation from the bored child’s breath every bit as important as the birth of a star and we knew this because we witnessed both and we were both and we were the drowsy schoolboy and we were the drowsy schoolboy’s breath and we were the glass the drowsy schoolboy breathed upon and we were the bus seat the drowsy schoolboy sat on and we were the bus the drowsy schoolboy rode on and we were the driver who drove the bus and we were the bus driver’s wife and we were the dinner the bus driver's wife made for the bus driver and we were the shop she bought it in and the factory it was packaged in and the meat in the package and the animal killed for that meat and the abattoir worker that killed the animal and that also turned out to be the drowsy schoolboy’s father. And it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love, till we find our place on the path unwinding in the circle of life. Yes, yes, The Lion King was right. The Lion King was right. And wasn’t it The Lion King that you had on the DVD player when we noticed that strange pulsating fungus growing by your skirting board and we took little lumps from it and we sniffed the little lumps and we swallowed the little lumps and we digested the little lumps that dispersed our molecules and spread them out into the cosmos to become everything at once and be everything at once? And they found us two days later. Our faces puce. Our eyes bulging. Our dead tongues lolling. The Lion King menu blaring from the TV. And they bagged us up and they took us away and they buried us in the ground and we were eaten by the bugs and shat into the soil and fertilised the grass. Oh yes, the circle of life, the circle of life. The Lion King was right.

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