Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I am interrupting whatever it is normally goes on here to make a few Parish announcements. First off, a comic adaptation of a Fugger post from the recent past has come to be (see image above). The mighty PureDaft deBarra has produced it and you can pick up this 20 page ‘one off’ by either contacting the creator via leaving a comment on her blog or attending the Dublin Zine Fair this Saturday or Sunday. Details at the link below:


In other Fugger Parish news, I, Fugger, the people’s blogger, was asked to contribute to a book filled with delightfully demented creative types. The book is called Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow and is a collection of written word pieces and illustrations that take their inspiration from this film:
However, for this masterpiece of an anthology to get to the printers and from there to your paws we will need your financial contributions. If you give a small amount it’s just like paying for your copy in advance. Considering that I have been giving you free blog posts for three plus years without fail and to the detriment of what remains of my personal life/leaking roof on the church, I think it’s the least you could do.  To fund our efforts please click the link below:

That’s not all, I’ll be asking you to cough up more dough for another publication in the near future but you’ll have to wait for that.

A final piece of Fugger parish news is that Mrs. McFadden has lost her dog again. I wouldn’t mind but the thing passed away three years ago but anyway, if you see it lying around any of her usual haunts let her know. Thanks, now go in peace.

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