Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Fugger is delighted to announce that things are back on track for misunderstood superstar Chris Brown. As if his recent Grammy win and online reconciliation with former sweetheart Rihanna wasn’t enough, Chris has also adopted a sweet new puppy that was found roaming on the R n’ B star’s grounds.

‘She’s a cute little thing and I’m gonna keep her’, the singer of such hits as I Can Transform Ya, and Take You Down told Fugger. ‘However’, Chris concluded, ‘if she starts barking all the time or shits the house I’ll come down on the bitch and I’ll come down on her hard’.

Well, as his song says, it looks like Chris really is a Changed Man. Fugger says: You go Chris!

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Superhilbo! said...

He's a class act...the puppy I mean.