Thursday, August 19, 2010


When something angers me, I always write to The Evening Herald. Like most people, a chief irritation in my life is myself, so. . .

Dear Herald,

Sawing wood floor panels recently, I filled my DVD player with sawdust. I should have removed the appliance from the room or wrapped it in plastic but now it doesn't work properly and I can't watch Iron Man 2. If this shoddy workmanship continues I will have no electrical devices left and wind up living like a a caveman. My commerce teacher was right about me when he pointed out my lack of attention to detail and said that I would end up sweeping the roads or something. I'm sure most readers agree when I say that my slipshod approach to DIY and, indeed, life in general is nothing short of an outrage. An OUTRAGE!

Yours in perpetual disappointment,

Name, address and condition with editor.

There, . . .I feel better already.

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