Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dave Fanning in the RTE Guide!!!

I think The RTE Guide should interview Dave Fanning and have a headline over the interview that says: 'Fanning The Flames of Rock' and in the interview Dave should talk about his life with his wife Aine (Is his wife called Aine? She probably is.) and what he likes to do on his days off. Then the interview should finish with Dave recommending the 'new one' by Gerry Fish and the Mudbug Club or The Walls or someone like that.
That would be good wouldn't it? It would though, wouldn't it? Well, I think it would. I think it would be excellent. The interview should be about 700 words long and feature large images. Ideally, it would be written by Truman Capote but if he's busy or dead they could get some middle or upper class bloke who wants to be a journalist (but isn't sure why) to write it.

MEANWHILE: CRAP MAN V CRAP GIRL: WHO WINS FIGHTED??? Click link below to find out. . .
ALSO. . .
Rough youths from the locality have made a video entertainment and, after a somewhat confrontational exchange, I have been encouraged to link to it here, click link:
I'm Matt Dillon (get out of my way) - Schmackey and the Salads!

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