Friday, April 2, 2010


As some may know, Fugger has a sideline in electronica, a musical outfit called Das Man-Bag where we combine little bleeps and tweets with understated beats and samples from TV shows thirty-somethings might recall from childhood (Bosoco, The Beachcombers, Mart and Market etc.). Fans of Das Man-Bag will be interested to know that I have since branched out, forming a post-rock band that go under the snappy moniker: Seven Trumpets Heralding the Donkey God of Cough Syrup and Undisclosed Transgressions of the Late Rod Hull.

We have lots of great tunes that are sure to have punters everywhere tapping their feet and nodding their heads in a melancholic stylee. We are currently adding the finishing touches to a number called Diffident Posturing at the Apex of Nothing In Particular or Drably Unusual as Usual (running time 28 mins, 43 secs). We hope to include this ditty on our debut EP entitled A Mother Sighs and Her Breath Consolidates Upon the Window Pane of a Closed Down Veterinarian Clinic in Kinnegad. The other tunes on the EP are Storming the Yellow Outskirts of the Nonesuch Realm With a Can of Lilt and Two Bags of Tayto Please Janet (running time: 17 mins, 21 secs), Hope Dies in the Perfectly Honed Bleak Aesthetic of the Junior Common Room (running time: 7 hrs, 4 mins, 32 secs)and (my personal favourite) Disenfranchised Cockroach Cowering Beneath a Fridge Called America as Evangelists Roar Through Megaphones Because They Want the World to End Just Like We Do Because it Would Be Beautiful Like Cormac McCarthy's The Road Even Though it's Hard to Figure Out What that Book is Lamenting Exactly and Why the Author Fears and Distrusts Strangers So Much (running time: 9 Days, 22 hrs, 56 mins, 3 secs).

Our EP will be released by the record label Ponderous Wheeze and we're hoping the tunes will be used to soundtrack documentaries and Prime Time reports concerning urban deprivation and empty housing estates.

So, keep an ear out and make sure you don't miss out on this exciting new venture from Fugger. (Hopefully it will work out better than the films and comic thing eh?)

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