Monday, August 3, 2009

Help Windell Spam the World!

Why not help Windell Comics by spamming the following links all over t'internet.

It's fun and the reactions can often be a source of amusement for the troll with too much time to spare. You will elicit gems such as 'you Silver Age faggots, it's 2009, get over it' or 'fail' or 'epic fail' or 'this obscure post is a violation of my civil rights! Where are the mods? Why has God abandoned us? It's like 9-11 all over again' and not forgetting the classic 'thread locked'.

Also, remember when spamming to include the obligatory words to describe your post: African Prince must lodge money in your account, Praise Jesus, filthy teens do anything for cash, I sent you an email but you didn't reply, your account has been suspended, make your lover moan with your rock hard diamond cutting trouser python, etc.

By the way, if anyone spams this blog I will hunt them down like rodents and fumigate them. What's good for the goose is NOT good for the gander. Life is unfair like that. There is no Mod.


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samurai said...

[url=] [img][/img][/url] the spamer has become the spam LoL!