Thursday, February 27, 2014


The death of ideology. Entropy and anomie. Everything's fragmenting and people are getting itchy.

Mars is coming, red, rolling low and simmering. Everyone is in the mood for a fight. Are you in the mood for a fight? I bet you are. Everyone else is. I am. I feel like stretching out my arms and seeing who I 'accidentally' slap in the face. I feel like expanding my hegemony and other people feel like being free of me. That's a clash right there. I'm getting worried about the neighbours. I tried to build a 'base' in the courtyard of the complex but the other residents reported me to management. I was warned but said I needed the base for my safety.
'Safety from what?'
'From threats.'
'What threats?'
'Your threats.'
'But we're not threatening you.'
'Admit it, you already did.'
'When I tried to build my base you threatened me with eviction.'
'Yeah but you're not allowed build bases in the courtyard.'
'But I need to.'
'Because you threatened me with eviction.'
'But you were building that base before we ever threatened you.'
'Ah ha, you've just admitted that you threatened me!'
The negotiations did not go well. They said I wouldn't see reason but I said I had good reason not to see reason. They asked me what my good reason not to see reason was. I said that my reason not to see reason was their lack of reason. They said I'd lost all reason. I chased them away with a flaming broom. I barricaded myself into my flat. I threw pots and plates out the window at passersby. They called the law but the law was busy selling heroin to junkies and then arresting the junkies for buying the heroin. They called the parish priest but he was busy fiddling with a kid. They called social services but they said they'd only be able to make it out the week after the week after the week after the week after next. They called the E.U. and the E.U called the U.N. and the U.N. called the U.S. and then the U.S. called the U.N.'s bluff.

Entropy and anomie, like I said. There is no one left you can trust. There is no place left to jump. It's the time of the angry man, the mad man, the scattered remnants of dead men and women and children. The God of War is spinning and causing cranial electrochemical aggression. It's time to shake things up. It's time to blow things up. The complex is on fire. The whole world is in flames. You'll be watching it on TV while your house burns down. You've seen it all before. You're not the first to have burned this way.

We have to destroy in order to create things to destroy at a later date.  

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