Thursday, June 14, 2012


Four-Nil but the lads can still do it if they focus and commit to stability and we can still apply for goals from the ESM and it's just a question of knuckling down really at the end of the day and the nation could do with a lift after all the doom and gloom y'know fair is fair and the Eucharistic Congress and stealing Trevelyan's corn and dreams and songs to sing and Brush Shiels and Joe Duffy and Funny Friday and I painted a shamrock on my arse and there's absolutely no official record of what took place on the night of the bank guarantee but sure this is it really isn't it and Obama's visit was great and the Queen was on great form wasn't she and I'm off to Dundrum Shopping Centre so we should make Michael O'Leary the minister for health and happy birthday The Late Late because we're a good team so we'll get there and we're getting there and are we there yet and will we ever get there and you'll never beat the Irish and the property market has bottomed out going forward.

Anyway, I voted Yes.


davidos-thelastingfragrance said...

Ah sure its fellas like this ye want fightin' our corner in Europe, ye know sound heads like.

Fugger said...

I think this is the girl we want fighting for us in Europe:

She's nice looking for a racist bird.