Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Did you know that swimming trunks were invented by a man called Clive Togs? Yeah, it's true. That's why they are sometimes called 'togs'. And did you know that the chair was invented by Lady Agatha Chair, an 18th century noblewoman and wife of the 7th Earl of Westmeath? She found standing up to be 'frightfully common' and so fashioned a chair from the corpse of an Irishman. This novel idea led to the chair designs we know and sit upon today. Asides from that, did you know that chairs were considered luxury items and unaffordable to the working class? Yes, working class people only started getting access to affordable seating and actually sitting down in the wake of WW2 and the birth of the welfare state (which, by the way, was dreamt up by a British civil servant called Reginald Welfare-State).

Did you know that racism began as a children's chasing game and that homophobia was originally a parlor game from the late 19th century? Yes, it's true. And, most interesting of all, did you know that 'war' was originally a popular board game for the whole family until one day someone said, 'hey, let's try this for real'. True. It's surprising where things come from.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to perfecting a new card game I'm inventing called 'Complete Global Economic Collapse and Breakdown of Societal Cohesion'.

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