Sunday, March 4, 2012


I’ll never forget the time I committed a crime against all humanity. As punishment, I was sealed into a metal pod and launched into outer space to orbit a dead star for all eternity. I was provided with a lifetime supply of food and water but nothing else. No books, no music, nothing. I couldn’t even look out the window because there were no windows. I’ll freely admit I spent a lot of time masturbating in that pod but even that pastime had to be abandoned eventually. I had forgotten what women looked like. The closest thing I had for reference was me and I’m a man. I couldn’t even get anything going at half mast because I don’t fancy myself very much. Women didn’t fancy me much either back on Earth. I laughed upon realising the irony of that. I laughed pretty hard. Manically actually. To be honest, I was a cackling like a mad man. It was something to do.

An alien race of voluptuous amazon women eventually found my pod and opened it up. They found me inside, wild eyed and cackling away. The voluptuous alien amazon women were nonplussed and a little fearful. They resealed my pod and put me back in orbit of the dead star like they found me. I didn’t even care. I was having a ball. LOL!


Superhilbo! said...

OMG! I saw your tweet from space!LMFFO (laughed my friggin face off)then LMAO (laughed my arms off) then LSMTIRPMAHTGHAC!! (laughed so much that i really peed myself and had to go home and change!) LOL!

Fugger said...