Sunday, March 11, 2012


Blake Lively feels ‘lucky to have a good metabolism’. The 24-year-old actress is in great shape. Blake works out when she needs to but the stunning star prefers eating to exercise.

‘I'm really lucky to have a good metabolism,’ said Blake at the Jason Wu for Target launch party in New York City. ‘When I have to get in shape for a movie then I can do it but I love to cook a lot. I use a lot of fresh produce. Maybe that helps?’

Blake is inspired to eat well so that she can wear her favourite clothes. The actress can’t wait to begin donning spring fashions. ‘I'll probably be in a lot of high waist mini skirts and shorts this spring’, Blake shared.

There now. Were you fascinated reading that? Were you though? Did you find that really really interesting? I thought you might. People love that sort of thing. It should get the blog a few more hits than usual anyway. I saw that story on another website. I’ve no fuckin’ idea who Blake Lively is to be honest. I only clicked the story because I saw a picture of her in a black coat looking a bit worried and I thought she was mon petit rabble-rouser Lizzie Phelan.

Ahh Lizzie. The heart will be scalded off me if you turn out to be a shill. Scalded! You’ve a grand metabolism yourself though. Look after it.

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