Tuesday, November 8, 2011


(pictured: What does she see? You’ll have to wait and see!)

Something is creeping into our world or maybe we’ve encroached upon something else’s territory? Twilight emissaries dart about the corners of our streets and gardens, taunting and beckoning, beguiling and bewildering. Causing us to wander away from this existence and never be seen again. Leaving no trace but for tattered missing posters and empty housing estates filled with shrieking foxes.

A film based on a spooky post found on this blog will be debuting at the Cork Film Festival this Saturday. It’s a creepy little film. A slow burner. There isn’t much of a LOL factor. Amy Huberman isn’t in it. They didn’t get Hugh Jackman either. He was busy making Scaletrix the Movie. Ah well, you can’t have everything.

I’ll keep you posted on future screenings should you fancy a trip to the pictures.


Deirdre de Barra said...

So that's why it's a challenge getting you out for beers... you're too busy skulking about in the undergrowth everynight going all David Attenborough on the foxes. I reckon we'd all make noises like that if we were surprised by the Fugger's visage looming out of the shrubbery.
Congrats on the film debut in Cork.
Look forward to getting a gander :)

Fugger said...

Thanks Puredaft but the cast and crew were the busy ones, working hard in the field and doing a great job while I stayed back at base trying to think up our next trick. I'm kind of the 7 Zark 7 of the operation.

Out for beers? I only recall one recent challenge being laid down and I recall accepting. The muse has pissed off so I may as well get pissed up.

eudaimoniac said...

Lol, I may be a bit daft, but is there indeed a film you're making? Judging from the content of your blog I think I'd greatly enjoy it. Good luck and congrats?

Fugger said...

Thanks Eudaimoniac. There is indeed a film. A short one of around 15 mins directed and produced by Lovely Productions (see Check Out section of blog) and based on an atypical post from this blog. When I say 'atypical' I mean less typical than the typical. A creepy film cunningly designed to induce the need for a stiff brandy. One day it will go online but not for a while yet.

Andy Luke said...

Two bearded 6ft burly blokes leave a comic news site and each work on a film which airs...almost debuts on the same day. Spooky. Congratulations man. Wish ours were both online sooner. -andy

Fugger said...

Ah, you too Andy Luke. Yes. It's an interesting medium. I like looking at the pictures. I still can't get over the shock when they start moving about and speaking without speech bubbles though.