Sunday, November 13, 2011


Oil and water deplete as the global financial system flails in its death throes. It’s looking a bit grim isn’t it? What we need at this juncture is a war. A big old war. A massive war. War is good. War is necessary. War shakes things up. War sorts stuff out. War wipes slates clean. War generates revenue. War is coming.

It’s a bit like Etch A Sketch. Did you have Etch A Sketch when you were a kid? You’d do a picture and it would be looking OK but then you’d keep adding to it and being all fancy and after a while the whole thing would be an over complicated mess. Do you remember that? Your mam would say ‘that’s a nice elephant dear’ when it was actually a tractor you were drawing so you’d let out a wail of anguish (whhhaaaaaa!) pick up the Etch A Sketch and shake the fuck out of the thing until the tractorphant was utterly annihilated. Then you’d start all over again.

Well, imagine the world is an Etch A Sketch and the world leaders are you when you were a kid, bawling with a load of snot pouring out your nose, quite out of your mind and shaking the bejaysus out of the poor Etch A Sketch. Instead of the picture being wiped out, cities and streets and buildings and furniture and humans and dogs and cats and budgies and all that sort of thing are wiped out. Once the old mess is out of the way you can set about creating a new one. Going forward.


Danny said...

i too believe war is coming, Fugger. it has to, don't it? the tv schedules are empty as a nuns snatch with anything interesting and i for one (alongside not a few television execs, i'm sure) know that what makes good tv, more than anything, is a good ol' war - preferably with more explosions and less special op incursions, cos after all where's the televisual excitement in covert military activity.

personally i hates the old etcha sketch. though in retrospect, it must be said, it did provide me with much perspective that i could take forward into adult life - i.e. that that what exists in yer head does not always, nay hardly ever, transfer completely or at all into the 3d world...a valuable lesson learnt early...!

Fugger said...

Ah I'm not sure a war is coming to be honest. At least not in an immediate Israel/Iran way. I just like putting the wind up people the same way the world's leaders do with all their sabre rattling. They make us feel we're living on the edge and they're the only ones who can get us off the edge. I'm not too sure they'll be shaking the Etch A Sketch so soon but they're certainly drawing an awful looking picture on it and if it gets any worse they'll have to shake the thing.

Why can't they just draw tits and willies like we did when our mams weren't looking?