Friday, May 21, 2010


Check out Windell's promo and the exciting and recently unearthed episode of The Hat both in staggering 3D!!!!

Click the links below:



Of course you need the right type of glasses (red and blue) but once you have them it's basically Avatar on steroids. I hear The Sun newspaper are giving away free 3D glasses in early June if you're without. If you do have glasses, check it out and tell me if it's any good. I've no glasses myself so I'm taking Windell's tech division's word for it. They have yet to fail.

In other Windell news, why not check out the hero who never made it to the compendium by clicking the link to the RDC blog below:


. . .oh yeah, and it turns out The Hat was keeping a blog on a while ago. Scroll down and there's four or so, . . .um . . .interesting pieces on today's issues. Click the link below, etc. blah:

The Hat Tells It Like It Is!!!

...right, there's reading and watching in that to be getting along with. Good day to you.

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