Monday, May 24, 2010


I love the political banter so I was just watching Pat's Chat there on telefis. There was a right to do about the fact that (like for many that suffer serious enduring illnesses) care for people suffering from dementia is pretty substandard in this country (non-existent in most areas) and that the only alternative is to fork out over a grand a week to a private nursing home (that may have trained staff).

Well, I could see the cause for concern but I was pleased when minister Aine Brady assuaged anxieties by speaking of the government's new Positive Illness Strategy (or P.I.S.). P.I.S. will see top public relations consultants putting their heads together to produce a brochure that will exemplify standards of excellence in graphic design and perception management going forward. JOB DONE!

Now, where's my millennium candle/iodine tablet lucky bag?

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