Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Tattoos. Piercings. Dressed in black. Playing Xbox. The counter-cultural rebel. Hates 'skangers'. Collects Marvel comics. Almost voted once but didn't bother. 
Not out of principle, it was just raining. 
Has a thing for things with skulls on them. Smokes from this fucking huge bong. 
Calls people 'douches' but mainly online. The movie Fight Club changed his life. 
Read most of The God Delusion, well some of most of it. Has the gist of it. 
Mentions it on the LiveLeak comments where he has a Family Guy avatar and likes to wage the occasional flame war. 
Used to play bass in a band called Sinister Decay. Never heard of Jean-Claude Trichet. 
Does IT for the IDA. Can name every hold in MMA. Hasn't been tested but reckons his IQ must be high. Has a Guy Fawkes mask but doesn't know why.

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