Wednesday, July 2, 2014


There wasn't much on telly yesterday evening so, instead of playing Sudoku or staring at Spankwire, I formulated an astonishing new range of philosophies that will shatter all known intellectual paradigms and existential stratagems going forward.

Below is just a small selection of what I came up with. Choose one you like...

The acknowledgement that everything is just silly.

An affirming enough attitude if adopted.

This one is a bit tough to follow but stick with it.

The least satisfying of my reasonings but I'll throw it in anyway.

A comprehensive knowledge of public transport timetables that should come in handy.

A vague approach to life that is a sister philosophy to the piss poor Insubstantialism.

A philosophy that can only function if no one adheres to it.

Premature Reposeitry 
Living life as if already dead.

Transcendental Transcendentalism 
What lies beyond the beyond?

Assists the philosopher in the extraction of his or her head from his or her arse.

BJ And the Bear 
A largely forgotten American TV series that ran from 1979 to 1981.

Raidió Teilifís Éireannism  
Embraces the the passive acquisition of objective failures.

...and last and probably least...

A philosophy that is correct in all its assertions especially in its assertion that it is incorrect in all its assertions ...but doesn't really care.

To learn more about how existence can be better appreciated and understood all you have to do is learn less about how existence can be better appreciated and understood. The examined life is really not worth living. In short, just behave like a monkey.

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